Fårö Fyr

The Fårö lighthouse was built in 1846-1847.
The lighthouse is built in stone, a 30 meters high round tower with lantern and mirror apparatus.

The lighthouse was designed by J T Byström and C Sandell. The fire apparatus’s 12 lamps with parabolic mirrors are attached 3 to each side of an orbital square position, whose turnaround time is 8 minutes, during which the lighthouse shows 4 strong lights, each of about ½ minute duration, with dark intervals of about 1 ½ minute.

Between the southwest and northwest, the lighthouse is obscured by the forest on Fårö. South-west of the tower is the four-service red-painted dwelling house.

A few kilometers to the west of the lighthouse, at Ekeviken, an old rescueboat-station is located, whisch you can visit in the summer.