Engelska kyrkogården & Ryssnäs

The most southern part of Fårö is a place called Ryssudden.

A peaceful place that mostly consists of pebble fields with low cliffs of reef limestone with glacier-like sections. The area is grazed and the only plants that manage here are tulip and sheep fescue.
Here you will find pine forest, naked pebble stones, beach meadow and a peat bog. But also cloudberries, spider flowers, figs and an English cemetery!

In 1853-1856, the Crimean War was fought, which was an armed conflict between Russia on one side and an alliance of Britain & France on the other.
Both the English and French fleets then used Fårösund as a naval base in the Baltic Sea.

In 1854, cholera erupted.
At this stage, they wanted to establish a nursing home at Broa, but the clergyman Tranér, managed to dispose of land at Ryssnäs where 2 hospital bilding and a cookhouse were built. Even a home for the doctor was established.
In the strait between Bungeör and Ryssnäs headland there was a Allied hospital-ship, ”Belle Isle”.

The dead, among the commanders of the Allies, were grounded while the crew was lowered into the sea.
The burial ground is enclosed by fourteen granite blocks and an iron chain and houses 27 small burial mounds.
The inscription reads: ”Here is 20 English warriors burried who died in cholera in 1854 during the so-called Crimean War when Fårösund formed the basis of an English-French naval unit. Northwest of the cemetery was a hospital that was set up at the moment. ”

Translated by Google Translate.