Nantens kvarn och stuga

There was a man named Ferdinand Pettersson who was born in 1875 at Djaupur on Fårö who is said to have lived in the 30 sqm cottage.
His father was a milliner Johan Pettersson and mother Anna, born Andersson.
As a child, Ferdinand, also known as Nanten, helped millowner Kristoffer Johansson with the work in Butlekskvarnen.

The mill on the other side of the road towards the cottage was probably erected during the latter part of the 19th century.
Ferdinand, bought the mill in 1900. It has found diary notes that revealed that he could express himself well in writing but it was said that he was hearing impaired although some sources also said that he could both hear and speak.

Nanten ground both flour for bread and coarsely ground for the animals.
The mill was in use until the end of 1935 when Nanten became ill with pulmonary tuberculosis.
He died in 1938 at S: t Olof’s hospital in Visby.

When Ferdinand had no relatives, the mill passed into the General Heritage Fund. The Fårö residents then formed the Fårö Hembygsförening in 1942 and bought the mill. The mill was restored and finished in 1974.

Fårö Hembygsförening has also had the cottage rebuilt, which was started in 2006.