Jauvika fiskeläge

On the northern coast of Fårö there is a 4 km long coastline that the Fårö residents call ”Bjerget” -[the mountain] but which for some reason was namned ”Digerhuvud”. Outside the coast the depht is 40 med steep into the ocean. Along the coast there is hundreds of seastacks – ”raukar”.

Early on when there was a very significant cod – and herring fishing it was difficult to land there, but at each end of this beach there was a large fishing location where the boats could be pulled up and where small sheds were erected for the storage of gear and for temporary overnight stays.

To the east, there is the well-known and frequently visited Helgumannens fishingvillage and to the west the larger but perhaps lesser known fishingvillage Jauvika in the southwest corner of Lauterviken.

The fishingvillage consists of boatmen and a collection of small picturesque well-kept cottage by the owners. Here as well as at Helgumannen there is no permanent summer residence, but the fishing villages are mainly cared for by cultural-historical reasons.